Five foods to try when visiting Los Angeles

Five foods to try when visiting Los Angeles

The Spanish meaning of Los Angeles is the `city of angels.’ This city is known for its sprawling metropolis, the entertainment industry, and its ethnic diversity. This ethnic diversity is what brings about a wide variety of food that you can find in Los Angeles.

This city is known for seafood, and fried food is not very common although there are some exceptions like the French fries and the fish tacos. Los Angeles has a wide variety of restaurants that serve different meals to different people; you will find a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese food or a Japanese restaurant.

You get to rub shoulders with the famous actors and singers in the restaurants before you head into the LA traffic in your limousine from Los Angeles car rentals. You should try these foods while you are in Los Angeles.

Iconic foods in Los Angeles

1. Sushi

While in LA, head straight to a street named little Tokyo. The sushi dish originates from Japan. Various restaurants in LA serve the sushi dish. You will find a variety of traditional sushi options at Nobu, Sugarfish and little Tokyo. These entities are owned by celebrity chefs and are favorite spots for everyone in LA.

2. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs have been an American staple food for years. There are countless fast food joints throughout Los Angeles. Here you will find different variations of the hot dogs to eat including the most common American classic hot dogs. You should try out this food while you are in LA. The roadside finds most of these joints, one favorite joint located in 709 North La Brea Avenue.

3. Mexican cuisines

The Hispanics are the majority in LA. No wonder you will find most restaurants in LA serving the Mexican cuisine. Whether it is a fish taco or a warm burrito from a Broken Spanish restaurant. While at LA you should head into a restaurant serving Mexican cuisines and enjoy the different tastes and varieties they have to offer.

4. Apple pie

For vegans and dessert lovers, you can head to Jones Hollywood joint for the famous apple pie. This pie is known for its health benefits. So if you are looking to lose some weight or you just like eating healthy, try out this apple pie while at LA. You can find more updates on the health benefits of apple pies on this site. This is the reason why you should always have an apple pie for dessert.

5. Wine

We cannot wrap up the top five foods to try in LA without mentioning wine. Wine complements all the other foods, and it is hard to find a table inside a restaurant without a glass of wine. You can head to Malibu winery in LA to sample some of the best wine in LA. The restaurant has a sommelier who will guide you through the process.


There are countless restaurants in LA serving a wide variety of dishes to the public, during your stint in LA. Try out some of these mouthwatering dishes. If you are a wine lover, hire an off-road truck from Los Angeles car rentals and head straight to Napa Valley. This is where you will find significant vineyards in Los Angeles. Here you can learn a few things, taste some good wine and head back to LA.