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How to organize budget travel

Posted by Lucy Jordan on
How to organize budget travel

Are you thinking of taking a vacation? Do you know how to keep it cheap? Well, read this piece is an ultimate guide to those looking forward to a cheap vacation deal. When planning a vacation, one of the primary concerns for travelers is the budget. Any traveler wants to ensure that he/she find the best deals for cheap hotel, transportation, and discounts. Cheap transportation means looking for 24 hour car rental. It’s crucial to make sure you can afford to travel and enjoy everything. Below are some tips to make sure your trip is fun, safe, and, cheap.


It is vital to read holiday destinations online and travel books. Find out if there are areas that offer things at a discounted price. There are many bloggers online who can provide you with relevant information about where to go, what to eat and what to see. Use travel and vacation websites to find discount coupons and hotels and for different businesses in the area, you want to visit.

Avoid peak hours

Another tip you need to follow is to avoid vacation during peak hours. Peak hours basically cover people’s time at work and off work, which is often more expensive than off-peak hours.

Overestimate your total cost

When doing this, ensure that you take control of your spending. Be sure to have more money than you think you need but don’t spend it because you own it. You should pre-plan your budget by checking at the attraction prices, restaurant menu, ticket prices, etc., you can get an overall amount for your vacation total. There are basically unforeseen issues that arise during the trip; therefore, it is fundamental that you have some extra cash.

Flexibility with dates and locations

During peak seasons, hotel and flight charges may be higher than during off-season. Plan accordingly!

Confirm the package offers

In most cases, hotel prices include not only house prices. Sometimes there are offers where you can buy three nights and get one free or get a free breakfast offer. For instance, if you visit large cities, look for cheap hotels that offer everything at affordable rates.

Final word

Note that pre-planning and researching is the key to getting what you want at an affordable price. This will help you not only to boost your finances but also to suit your budget perfectly. Also, for a successful vacation holiday, a 24 hour car rental is very crucial. It allows you to travel anywhere at affordable prices.


4 Best Cars To Hire on Your Trip

Posted by Lucy Jordan on

The ideal family trip can be ideal for bonding with your loved ones. However, this moment of the union can cause discomfort if each member feels distressed while driving long distances. If this happens, the original concept of family travel can be replaced as the true source of the funny memories of misery. If you want to keep the atmosphere happy while making a family trip on the road, the best rental car shared by a car rental representative can give you an idea of the type of vehicle and the rental model you should choose from 24 hour car rental.

Best cars to hire for your trip

• Kia Sportage

Kia is among the most sought after car rental brands worldwide because it saves fuel and offers spacious seats for the driver and the passenger. Kia Sportage is ideal for families traveling in a group of five. Among the best features of this brand are the extended cargo space, folding rear seats and innovative storage solutions that make family travel comfortable and hassle-free.

• Hyundai H-1

If you are looking for a rental car in the United Arab Emirates, it would be a perfect family car while the Hyundai H-1 is on the right track why this brand of cars has a manual of five speeds and powerful front traction that ensures an equal weight distribution for all passengers on board. The load of the Hyundai H-1 is 9 people.

• Kia Rio

Kia Rio, another Kia model, is one of the best land cruises on family vacations. What makes Kia Rio one of the best cars used on road trips? Well, the car itself has a compact and compact design that gives the driver and passengers a pleasant driving experience even on long trips. Other features that make Kia Rio one of the best family cars to rent are anti-lock brakes and traction control. The cargo of Kia Rio is five people.

• Nissan Pathfinder

If you and your loved ones want to rent a medium-sized SUV, the Nissan Pathfinder is the best option. Nissan is one of the best-selling family cars that benefit from car rental services because it gives the driver confidence in driving with intelligent navigation features (intelligent cruise control, automatic emergency braking and point warning blind). Another distinguishing feature of the Nissan Pathfinder is the three-way entertainment where travelers can choose from a wide range of entertainment, such as watching videos, playing games or listening to music. The load capacity of the Nissan Pathfinder is 7 people.

When making your travel more comfortable, you should hire one of the above vehicles from 24 hour car rental, and we assure you the best services that will make you and your family happy.


Five foods to try when visiting Los Angeles

Posted by Lucy Jordan on

The Spanish meaning of Los Angeles is the `city of angels.’ This city is known for its sprawling metropolis, the entertainment industry, and its ethnic diversity. This ethnic diversity is what brings about a wide variety of food that you can find in Los Angeles.

This city is known for seafood, and fried food is not very common although there are some exceptions like the French fries and the fish tacos. Los Angeles has a wide variety of restaurants that serve different meals to different people; you will find a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese food or a Japanese restaurant.

You get to rub shoulders with the famous actors and singers in the restaurants before you head into the LA traffic in your limousine from Los Angeles car rentals. You should try these foods while you are in Los Angeles.

Iconic foods in Los Angeles

1. Sushi

While in LA, head straight to a street named little Tokyo. The sushi dish originates from Japan. Various restaurants in LA serve the sushi dish. You will find a variety of traditional sushi options at Nobu, Sugarfish and little Tokyo. These entities are owned by celebrity chefs and are favorite spots for everyone in LA.

2. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs have been an American staple food for years. There are countless fast food joints throughout Los Angeles. Here you will find different variations of the hot dogs to eat including the most common American classic hot dogs. You should try out this food while you are in LA. The roadside finds most of these joints, one favorite joint located in 709 North La Brea Avenue.

3. Mexican cuisines

The Hispanics are the majority in LA. No wonder you will find most restaurants in LA serving the Mexican cuisine. Whether it is a fish taco or a warm burrito from a Broken Spanish restaurant. While at LA you should head into a restaurant serving Mexican cuisines and enjoy the different tastes and varieties they have to offer.

4. Apple pie

For vegans and dessert lovers, you can head to Jones Hollywood joint for the famous apple pie. This pie is known for its health benefits. So if you are looking to lose some weight or you just like eating healthy, try out this apple pie while at LA. You can find more updates on the health benefits of apple pies on this site. This is the reason why you should always have an apple pie for dessert.

5. Wine

We cannot wrap up the top five foods to try in LA without mentioning wine. Wine complements all the other foods, and it is hard to find a table inside a restaurant without a glass of wine. You can head to Malibu winery in LA to sample some of the best wine in LA. The restaurant has a sommelier who will guide you through the process.


There are countless restaurants in LA serving a wide variety of dishes to the public, during your stint in LA. Try out some of these mouthwatering dishes. If you are a wine lover, hire an off-road truck from Los Angeles car rentals and head straight to Napa Valley. This is where you will find significant vineyards in Los Angeles. Here you can learn a few things, taste some good wine and head back to LA.